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Fair Trade Musical Instruments for Adults and Children

Give the Gift of Music, Musical Instruments, Educational & Fun Gifts for Kids and Families

These gorgeous instruments are so beautiful, they are works of art...play them or display them. Why not start a new tradition, instead of movie night or game night...why not music night? Everyone grab an instrument, make some music, put on some records and dance and sing...what a great way to have fun with the whole family! Great
Fun Musical Gifts!
7" Frame Drum Natural with Woven Band and Ball Stick
Frame Drum Tambourine 6"
Beautiful Batiked Tree of Life Rebana Drum
Butterfly Frame Drum
Small Frame Drum Tambourine 6"
Sale $24.00
Butterfly Frame Drum
Sale $45.00
Beautiful Batiked Blooming Tree Rebana
Turtle Drum
Tinya Double Drum Medium 8" Heads w/stick
Tinya Double Drum Jr. 6" Heads
Turtle Frame Drum
Sale $45.00

Tinya Double Drum Jr. 6" Heads

Fire Burned Double Sided Gourd Drum 6"
8 Inch Mini Djembe Drum
Global Music Gift Basket
Global Music Gift Basket
Sale $44.00
  8 Key Mbira - Thumb Piano
Traditional Ocarina Necklace

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