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Fair trade gifts and products, organic gifts and products, natural, eco-friendly and green gifts

Taraluna - Fair Trade, Organic and Eco-Conscious Products and Gifts


Taraluna - Fair Trade, Organic & Green Gifts offers wonderful socially responsible, ethical and practical gifts for everyone on your list. Our Fair Trade products are fashionable and functional. We have green gifts for every taste and wonderful organic products, toys and gift items as well.

The reason we offer Fair Trade products is because we believe in social responsibility. Fair Trade means a fair wage for people living in areas of the world where most earn under $2.00 a day. We believe that when people earn a fair wage within the local context artisans put more love into the products they make, instead of fear and worry about their families. When people have meaningful employment it makes a huge difference to not only their lives in general but to their happiness and state of mind. We feel good about supporting Fair Trade and hope that you will too.

We also carry organic, green, eco-friendly and sustainable gifts and products because we feel it is important to offer healthy alternatives to mass produced products. Recycled accessories, organic toys, natural fiber products…we want to give our customers the choice to buy healthy, green gifts and products, handmade gifts and accessories too!

Thank you for supporting Fair Trade, Organic, Green, Sustainable, and Ethical business!